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Magic in the air

What changes the pH of your blood in minutes, boosts your digestion, lowers the heartrate and cortisole levels, promotes mental focus and helps you find better sleep at night? – Your breath does!

Change your breath, change your life!

We seek balance and “self-medicate” all day long. But often the tools we rely on, such as coffee, alcohol or Netflix, offer only short-term relief. Breathing exercises, when practiced correctly, are one of the most powerful and sustainable ways to control your body and mind. They are safe, easy to learn and require no more than a few minutes per day. With such minimum commitment they can quickly become part of your daily self-care routine. Breathing exercises can also function as a stepping stone to deeper mindwork. Many people struggle following a regular meditation practice. Start easy and make breathing a practice!


My name is Sandra. Since 10 years my homebase is Stavanger, Norway, where I live with my husband and two small kids. I am a certified Breathing Coach, accredited by the Yoga Teachers College® , which is on the forefront of professional education for instructors internationally.

I started teaching Yoga in 2009, inspired by how the physical sensations of the body can be used as a tool to cultivate a sense of awareness and presence. Over the last years I leaned deeply into Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique, and I began to add more and more subtle practices such as Meditation, Breath Awareness and Breath Manipulation. I am also a certified practitioner in Traditional Thai Massage and Tulamassage and with this comprehensive toolkit at hand I can serve clients with a wide variety of abilities and needs.
In my previous life I devoted my time to Climate Research and I love to dig deep into the science behind things: Knowing CO2 as a greenhouse gas and basically the “bad guy”, I was intrigued that CO2 has a much different reputation in the realm of Breathing – in fact, certain techniques are deliberately trying to build up CO2 in the system in order to optimise the physiological functioning of the body.

Curious? Please get in touch, there is so much more to learn!

Sessions & Workshops

Breathing Workshop (60 minutes)


  • suitable for Yoga studios, gyms, corporate, special event

  • 300kr per person; companies ect please contact me for a package price

5-week Workshop Series

  • 5 x 60 minute workshop over 5 consecutive weeks

  • access to homework audios

  • follow up between sessions via email

  • suitable for Yoga studios, gyms, corporate, special event

  • 1500kr per person; companies ect please contact me for a package price

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