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"El Capitan" Flow

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2018

--- level 2 --- all-around practice ---

This sweet and relatively compact all-around sequence is what my own daily practice lately builds upon. It’s quite similar to the “Space is all around you” –Flow, which acts as a kind of template. The main difference is that we move at a much steadier pace. Increasing our awareness for the space that surrounds us is another way of cultivating presence and focus. This sequence uses two tools to connect more consciously to the space we are part of: Music (I hope you agree with the playlist!) and continuous and flowy movements. In order to make the latter happen I will do my best and keep talking to a minimum; this is something I honestly struggle with but for the purpose of this class I take up the challenge and try to do few more but to shout out the poses :)

If you are unfamiliar with 360° flows and the transitions this involves you might want to first go for the “Space is all around you” –Flow with it’s clear instructions and additional cues. The same goes if you simply wish more emphasis on postural details.

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