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Flow in the Vlei

Aktualisiert: 3. März 2018

#level 2, #all-around practice

This sequence is the result of a two-day mission! Repeated failure of both man and machine are the reason why. I hope you'll agree, however, that the location was much too special not to be shared and therefore worth all effort!

Just getting there was a sweaty undertaking... carrying all the equipment up and down the dunes, where doing one step means sliding back two thirds again.... The electronics suffered even more from the conditions than my brain did. Not only that the temperatures were ridiculously high but as you can tell from the quality of the sound there was also way too much sand in the system. Solving the microphone-issue was so time-consuming that we ran out of batteries before finishing the sequence. The outcome of the day: None. As we rushed back to the car in rapidly fading daylight (which is the predators' time of the day...) I had to continuously reassure myself that humans aren't what cheetahs preferably feed upon. The second try on the following day was similarly challenging but more productive. Again, however, time wasn't on our side and as we arrived back at the camp we found the gates closed. The guard wasn't very pleased (to say the least) but our submissive behaviour saved us from being fined. Now, after all this commitment and dedication, perseverance and determination - you better like it!! ;)

Roll out your mat and enjoy the quiet and surreal magic of the Vlei!

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