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Frisco Flow

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Always on the look-out for panoramic places! The urban touch to the setting we chose this time is a bit of an exception, but the bunkers overlooking the rugged coastline with the Golden Gate Bridge in the immediate background are just as inspiring as many backcountry places. During the three weeks I spent in the city it was more than once that I paid these bunkers a visit to roll out my mat and to escape the huzzle and buzzle, to enjoy the view, the gently breeze or howling winds.

This practice will prepare for the deep and even arch of Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward facing bow or wheel pose). In case Urdhva Dhanurasana exceeds your backbending capabilities you will still receive the full range of benefits from the preparatory sequencing, which leaves you with loads of spaciousness in your hip flexors, shoulders and spine! It will refine your understanding of what it needs to eventually ease into the wheel and – considering the heart-opening qualities of backbends – might also facilitate access to your emotional centre.

NB: Unfortunately, we are having a bit of trouble with the audio system. I hope you find the sound quality is still good enough. We try to solve the issue in the future videos.

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