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Hiphip Hooray!

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Welcome to Spitzkoppe and the Pontoks mountains! There's something truly magic about these peaks rising above the endless plains of the surrounding Namibian desert, visible from far far away. It took quite a few days for all our senses to tune in and for our body and mind to settle in order to open to the spirit and wholeness of this place. And in fact, the two days we originally planned turned into a whole week. We fell in love with the vastness of the landscape, its colours and shapes, the silence and feeling of remoteness and space, the morning light and evening sun, the stars at night and last but not least the winged and four-footed friends we made (mercats and ground squirrels both ranking very high on the scale of the cutest and most entertaining animals to watch).

Hope you find this class as opening and grounding as we experienced this place! Physical focus is on our hips, our centre of locomotion. The pace is relatively slow with enough space and time to settle into the poses, for your muscles and connective tissue to feel the effect and to explore your personal middle path, the in-between comfort and challenge.

Side note: If your wrists need a break then this practice is actually good news! It only includes a minimum of poses where we bear weight on our hands (such as downward facing dog, plank ect.).

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