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Let's twist again!

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Twists mobilise the spine and nourish the discs, they help release muscular tension and massage the body from the inside out. They bring the lymphatic flow and digestion into motion, and this is only to name a few of the many different effects and benefits they have. We start with some core work, directing both our attention and blood flow to the primary twisting muscles, the obliques in our belly. After that we have plenty of time to explore the twists’ various flavors and aspects in a wide variety of asanas!

If you spot fountains in the offshore waters – it’s humpback whales! They visit the warm Hawaiian waters for their honeymoon or to give birth before heading back up North to Alaska. So watch out!! And remember, other than our offshore friends, there’s no reason we need to hold our breath! No question twists inhibit breathing to some degree. At the same time, however, they provide us with the chance to connect to our breath, however physically, emotionally or mentally demanding any given situation might be. Let's take a deep breath and wring it out!

Suggested props: a block, little wall space

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