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Whether your lower back cries out for some TLC or you are just looking for a soft practice with focus on the lower portion of your spine: In both cases hitting play is a good idea! Tight muscles can be way more trouble than you might think, and very easily they are mistaken for something more serious. Mobilisation is the key! In the acute phase of pain too much focus on strengthening is only counterproductive and may even cause the muscles to tighten up further. Gentle mobilisation in the form of easy and repetitive movements increases blood flow, which together with deep breathing encourages the muscles to let go in order to restore suppleness and ease. Please note that if structural issues are the underlying problem to your muscular imbalances you want to approach your pain in an even more mindful way! Discomfort originating e.g. from the SI-joint or a slipped disc usually requires a personalised sequence because what works and what doesn’t can differ a lot from one person to the other.

Don’t forget to attend to your breath! As long as it goes free and easy you are on the safe side :) Roll out your mat and give your lower back the tender loving care it deserves!

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