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This class is designed for newer students, but (!!!) – I explicitly also invite more advanced practitioners! Don’t be turned off by the fact that we will be using props! Every now and then we should invest some conscious effort that keeps our beginner’s spirit fresh, move back to the basics instead of replicating pose after pose in a sort of boring routine. Also, only because this is a level-1 class, don’t expect easy-peasy! Always kept accessible, however, this class features a few surprise moments, which can be a bit spicier here and there ;)

One more thing: What really makes an advanced practitioner an advanced practitioner isn’t the ability to perform advanced poses but the patience and wisdom to react appropriately once things get difficult! An advanced practitioner has the knowledge to modify poses in such way that they serve to his or her best. This all-around, well-balanced class provides you with this knowledge!

Props: 2 blocks (or something of similar size and shape. I recommend, however, that you go and buy a pair. They are super useful and you’ll find them cheap online)

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