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Space is all around you!

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“Yoga is space” my very first yoga teacher always used to say. This can be interpreted in many ways and in this practice it is all about celebrating the space we are surrounded by! Increasing our awareness for the space that surrounds us is one amongst many ways of cultivating presence and focus.

Flowing through 360° sun salutations is how we connect more consciously to the space we are part of. This is a thorough and all-around practice in the sense that we distribute our attention evenly through the whole body. Through constant change in orientation and perspective we allow this very attention to ripple beyond the contours of our physical body and explore our relationship to what is beyond. We allow the movements to be more spacious than usual, imagining our body as a vehicle taking us on a journey through space.

If we want to experience space, we need to allow ourselves space in the first place. So back off a little bit – in our daily life we tend to have enough encounters with our very edge already....

Side note: The 360° sequencing brings about that there a moments when you will be left with the audio alone, facing away from the screen. Although I try to be precise in my instructions it helps being familiar with the basic poses.

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