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Where did your shouldes go?

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2018

#chair yoga, #office yoga, #shoulders, #therapeutic

If I were asked to draw a caricature of an office worker, the poor guy would have no neck with the shoulders drawn up high towards his ears. Although this isn't really useful for anything, it's a very common thing to happen and turns easily into a habitual posture.

This short chair-yoga sequence focuses on the shoulders and upper portion of your spine. It was filmed in the wilderness of the Thukela Biosphere Reserve where we took a 4x4 training course getting ready and prepared for more challenging off-road experiences in Namibia and Botswana.... - quite incredible what insanely steep terrain these Landrovers are able to handle!

Whenever you feel your neck has disappeared again, have this short and refreshing break!

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