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manage anxiety & stress. enhance your focus. improve digestion. find better sleep. boost performance. 

How we breathe matters! It affects our sleep, our digestion, it influences our mood, hormones, energy levels and focus.

And it comes with long term effects! Learn how the breath can serve as a powerful and highly practical tool to hack the

autonomic nervous system within the matter of just a few minutes. 

Change your Breath, Change your Life!


Most of us seek balance and therefore “self-medicate” all day long. But many of the tools we rely on (coffee, sugar, alcohol or Netflix etc) offer only short-term relief. Most of the time, we don’t feel very much in charge of our nervous system but rather bounced around by outer circumstances and our environment - feeling wired but tired, frazzled, and out of control.

Breathing exercises are one of the most powerful, instant and sustainable ways to access our autonomic nervous system and control the body and mind. They allow us to take over the pilot seat instead of just being the passenger!

Only 3 minutes of Breathwork can lower the heart rate, cortisol levels and blood pressure. It can help you find better focus, better sleep, improve digestion, boost physical performance, or manage stress and anxiety in general. It works faster than a pill without any of the negative side effects.

Yoga Breathing is safe, easy to learn and because it doesn't require much effort and only very little of your already limited time, it can easily become part of your daily self-care routine. It's a very low-hanging fruit that can also function as a stepping stone to deeper mindwork. Many people struggle with a regular meditation practice. Yoga Breathing offers many of the same benefits, but feels more accessible and simple. Start easy and make breathing a practice! Try the "Magic in the air"!

My name is Sandra. Since 15 years my homebase is Stavanger, Norway, where I live with my husband and two young kids. I am a certified Breathing Coach, accredited by the Yoga Teachers College® , which is on the forefront of professional education for instructors internationally.

I started teaching Yoga in 2009, inspired by how the physical sensations of the body can be used as a tool to cultivate a sense of awareness and presence. Over the last years I leaned more deeply into deep relaxation techniques, and began to add more and more subtle practices such as Meditation,Yoga Nidra and Breathwork. I am also a certified practitioner in Traditional Thai Massage and Tulamassage and with this comprehensive toolkit at hand I can serve clients with a wide variety of abilities and needs.

In my previous life I devoted my time to Climate Research and I love to dig deep into the science behind things: Knowing CO2 as a greenhouse gas and the “bad guy”, I was intrigued that CO2 has a much different reputation in the realm of Breathing – in fact, with certain techniques we deliberately build up CO2 in our body in order to decrease blood pressure, lower our heart rate and improve oxygenation of our tissues. Curious? Please get in touch, there is so much more to learn!

Coorperate /

Special Event

Arrange a single event or a workshop series for your company, fitness gym, yoga studio etc. The program is tailored to the needs and goals of the group and participants characteristics.

Public Workshops

Join single events or workshop series! Sign up to the mailing list and get the dates next time we run a course!



get in touch

For more personalised work we can meet one-on-one.

Start with a free Discovery Session to see if this is something for you!

Private Tuition Breathing

Private tuitions happen in person or via video call. The amount of sessions people take varies. It depends on your starting point, your  challenges, medical history and goals, but also, how much you like to dig into the science behind things (the "Why behind the How"). We are all different in that regard but generally speaking, three to five sessions are enough to equip you with the understanding, the tools and confidence you need to continue the journey on your own. 

During the 30-minute Discovery Session (free of charge) we identify your expectations and needs in order to set up a tailored programme.


Private Tuition (45 min)

Single Workshop Breathing


What we cover:

  • Anatomy of breathing.

  • Most important aspects about the biochemistry of breathing (why it is mostly CO2 we are manipulating, rather than oxygen).

  • How the breath controls the nervous system and how we can use it as a tool because of that.

  • Overview of the different breathing exercise categories ("Water" vs "Whiskey" vs "Coffee" Breathing) and which one to choose under which circumstance. 

  • One breathing exercise from each category.

400/580/750kr per person (60/90/120min).
Companies etc please contact me for a package price (from 6.900kr, depending on duration and number of participants).

Please note that my business is not liable for VAT.

Breathing Workshop (60 / 90 / 120 min)

Workshop Series Breathing

  • For those who plan on embarking on the 4-week Workshop Series (see below); supposed to make people's mouths wet.

  • This is a taster and gives you an idea what you can expect from breathwork in general.

  • Suitable for Yoga studios, gyms, corporate, special event.

250kr per person.
2600kr for companies etc. Please note that my business is not liable for VAT.

Discovery Session (45 min)

Our goal is three-fold:
(1)  We want to improve our everyday breathing pattern.

(2) Nervous System Control: learn various breathing exercises in order to improve our focus, sleep, digestion, physical performance, balance our mood and manage stress and anxiety in general.

(3) Train our autonomic nervous system in order to make it more responsive and agile.

We begin our 4-week journey with some simple Breath Testing in order to get to know our point of departure and track progress over the weeks we practice together. 

  • 4 x 60 minute session over 4 consecutive weeks.

  • Online support for the duration of the course.


What we cover:

  • Anatomy of breathing.

  • Biochemistry of breathing: Why we are mostly interested in manipulating CO2, rather than oxygen.

  • Nervous system control: How breathing exercises help us "highjack" autonomic functions (like heart rate, blood pressure, immune and hormonal system) and give us access our body's relaxation response.

  • Understanding the three different breathing categories ("Water", "Whiskey", "Coffee" Breathing), when to choose which and why.

  • We cover 2-3 breathing exercises from each breathing category.

  • Optimum breathing pattern and why we have to relearn how to breathe properly.

  • We dig deep into the "Why behind the How", at the same time we have a lot of time for practice.

In addition to the 60 minute lecture comes online support for the duration of the course. That online support happens on a platform like Facebook or Teams, which provides space for your questions, additional information, tips and instructional videos. This makes it more of a shared group experience, which helps keeping up momentum!


2300kr per person.
Companies etc please contact me for a package price (from 25.000kr). Please note that my business is not liable for VAT.

4-week Workshop Series (4 x 60min)

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