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Yoga Classes & Workshops
yoga classes Stavanger

Yoga Classes & Workshops

No regular public classes at the moment.


Please check the event calendar for workshops and courses :)

Group size is kept small and usually limited to12 participants max. Like that you can be sure that my attention is yours, I can be sure that nobody is left behind. The classes are sequenced in a flow where each pose forms and gives way to the next. Depending on the goal of the class the pace varies, either strong and dynamic or quiet and slow or anything in between. More about my philosphy and style of teaching under About.

Please let me know if you don't have your own mat. If possible bring a couch blanket or big beach towel for padding and to cover yourself during the relaxation in the end. Great if you manage to arrive 10 minutes early, allowing some time for a cup of tea and to settle on the mat. Before class, please let me know about previous injuries or physical complaints.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have!

Office Yoga
Office Yoga Stavanger

Office Yoga

For 30-minute yoga quickies we only need a conference or meeting room with chairs (and maybe a table). They are ideally done around lunchtime and people can wear their normal office clothes. The idea is to take a break and push the refresh button! For longer classes we need an open space where people can roll out their mat (mats can be provided). Without any obligation, try a free 30-minute taster class!

Please check out my office and chair yoga videos to get an idea. And if you have barely any time at all, try the 2-3 minute YogaSnacks!

Prenatal Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga Stavanger

Prenatal Yoga

Welcome your baby to your practice as we flow through a sequence that is designed for the two of you! The class offers appropriate strengthening and stretching, yet enough space for relaxation and visualisation techniques – an excellent preparation for birth through breath, body and mind awareness.

Prenatal yoga nurtures the nurturer and provides space to retreat from your daily chores and commitments. It has a profoundly healing effect, relieves anxiety and stress and keeps your body supple and strong. Yoga is a system of self-care and can help alleviate many pregnancy-related ailments and emotional challenges.

The practice offers plenty of beautiful tools, and at the same time it nourishes the confidence in your ability to respond to all changes with acceptance and grace. Most importantly, it invites you to take delight in the experience of being pregnant and to bond with your unborn child!

Maximum number of 10 participants. Regular attendance recommended. Please note that there’s no free trial for the prenatal classes.

If you'd like to stay updated about new course dates, please contact me!

Private Classes
Private Yoga Stavanger

What's your point of departure?

Private Classes

Everybody can do yoga. But not everybody can comfortably follow a class designed for a larger group of people. It’s said it is not the person that needs to adapt to yoga but yoga must adapt to the person! Only in one-to-one teaching can this principle really be applied to the fullest. The class is tailored to fit you, we practise according to your individual abilities and goals. Private classes are not only useful if you have special needs but also if you prefer practising at your individual pace with the full attention of the teacher.

Video Classes
Personalised video yoga classes

Personalised Video Classes

Practice from the comfort of your home!

Video classes are for your personal home practice. The tailored sequence fits your individual needs and goals. The package also includes private sessions for questions, adjustments and deepening the practice. Contact me for pricing and more details.

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